Minggu, 22 April 2012

How do you think?

Friend? What is friend?

Friend is something that i-couldn't - get- it - whenever - i - do-or- have
Friend is not about money, richest , smartest and how popular you are.
Friend is not for your how do we look in their eye and how they think about you.
Friend is not after popularity
Friend is not things that you can throw
Friend is easy to get, but 'true friend' are not so easily you can get

What do you think about your friend in school? Did she/he are:
a.She/He is beautiful/ handsome
b.Her/Him family are rich
c.She/He is smartest in class
d.She/He popular
e.She/He have the same hobby
f.She/He cool

If your friend are in that criteria, then you only after for that. You are not see him/her as your true friend.

Some people only are after for the popularity, in that case they only want get how-they-life-in-different-way.
I think is that true. Looked your around. There is so many example that you see. Or maybe from yourself?

How about they-are-not-my-friend? Did you hate him/her then you wont see him/her as your friend? Did they do something that you hate? Or maybe you don't want to be friend with him/her because they are not in your criteria of friend? Did you so baldly don't want to look unpopular in another eyes? Have you know or understand how their felt about that? You haven't right, because you are so popular and don't want look bad.

How rude i am

But i'm telling the truth.

And i wanna ask you. Only one question,you can answer it with 'Yes' or 'No'. You have answer it with in 10 second after read the question.

Are you sure about people that you call is 'my friend' are really your 'true friend' that you looking for?

If you cannot answer it with in 10 second then you have think again.
If you can answer it with in 10 second but you only said what in your head without thinking about it, then you only gave one the lie for yourself
If you can answer it and thinking about it, then that really your 'true friend'. Congratulation.

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