Kamis, 29 Desember 2011


Ok...i'm confuse now. There are so many dorama that i want to download it. But i can't decide which one should i download first. I want download :
> Q.E.D (download it first!)
> Koishite Akuma (Yuma in there, but the memori is too big about 173 MB)
> Liar Game season 1 & 2
> Taiyou no Uta (I already have 1-3 episode, but it has been deleted by my stupid sister!)
> Shinigami no ballad
> Risou no Muko (Yamada Ryousuke in that movie! Even the movie is still new, but i want watch it!!)
> Life
> Kaito Rolaye

I already have:
~ Ikemen Desu Ne (I haven't watch it~)
~ 1 Liter No Namida (I have watch it~)
~ Ranma 1/2 (In middle to watch it~)
~ Detective Conan 2011
~ Furuhata Chuugakusei SP
~ Hidarime Tantei Eye
~ Jigoku Shoujo
~ Niini No Koto Wasurenaide
~ Ouran High School Host Club
~ Seito Shokun! (Rahayu gave the movie to me!)
~ Sensei Wa Erai!
~ Super Junior Attack! (Ulfah gave the movie to me!)
~ Tantei Gakuen Q
~ Detective Conan the movie 1,2,3
~ Death Note : L Change The World and The Last Name

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